New Pioneer CD receivers take audio experience up a notch with a plethora of new and improved functions, delivering a stellar in-car audio experience. The new arrays of receivers feature significant improvements from their predecessors including a diverse range of functions to suit the unique needs of consumers.

Finely Dotted Display
Small dots of light in the 12 character display enhance visibility with fine details.

Package System Configurations
Pioneers new package models containing a audio receiver and bundled speakers are ideal for entry-level customers who want to upgrade their car audio system with ease.

1A High Current USB Port
1A high current supply to a connected USB device keeps playback from the device stable and quickly recharges connected digital devices.

Illuminated USB and AUX Input Terminals
Glowing USB and AUX input terminals brighten the car interior and are easy to identify as needed at night.

Advanced Sound Retriever
Advanced Sound Retriever reproduces high-quality sound from compressed digital audio files.

Anti-Dust Design
Anti-Dust Design ensures reliability and stability of performance as heat are optimally dissipated and entry of dust are prevented.

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  • Display
  • LCD (12 X 1)
  • Preout
  • 1
  • Audio Format
  • MP3, WMA, WAV
  • AUX Input
  • Front
  • USB Interface*1
  • Front (2)
  • Maximum Power Output
  • -
  • Control for iPod/iPhone *3
  • No
  • Control for Android *3
  • -
  • SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
  • No
  • Bluetooth
  • No
  • MIXTRAX / Flashing Color*4
  • -
  • No
  • Music Browser
  • No
  • Color Customization*5
  • No
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • Yes

(1) Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss of data on media players, smart phones, or other devices while using receiver
(2) Please use CD-U50E USB extension cable if a direct connection causes a USB device to protrude from the receiver in a way that can interfere with driving
(3) Compatibility with unit depends on iPod generation. Requires use of CD-IU51
(4) Works with music from iPod, SD/SDHC memory card and USB device
(5) 210, 000 colors (separated). Colors for key illumination and display are separately adjustable